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THE ESSENCE OF BARTER IS THE CREATION OF POSITIVE NETWORKING ENVIRONMENTS, innovative and inspirational meetings to share ideas, knowledge and generate business opportunities.In events organization, we are the ideal partner. We design, plan and manage all the moments of a professional meeting.


Our uniqueness lies in being both consultants and project managers, preserving the original idea and objectives of the client.


Our experience has led us to create our own methodology in the organization of events.


Management of moments, Customer Journey of the different profiles of the participants. Among others: 
– VIP / Hosted Guest
– Networking Activities
– Agenda Management


Our growth as an organization have always been linked to the development and work performed with our clients. The challenges they have posed together with their trust, have allowed us to develop new products and services in the field of Positive Networking.

Thanks to them we have become experts in the evolution of new concepts in the events industry.  

The experiences shared with our clients has become part of our growth.

“Trabajar con Barter es formar parte de un equipo ágil y resolutivo, con una gran capacidad de adaptación y empatía con el cliente, y con un excelente trato humano que hace que todo el proceso de backoffice y on-site de un evento sea fluido, fácil y memorable.”

Eva Ballarín

“Tras varias experiencias con Barter, tan solo felicitarles por su profesionalidad y trato impecable para atender todas las necesidades que implica nuestra profesión. El trato familiar y profesionalidad es una combinación perfecta. ¡Gracias Barter!”

Lluís Soldevila

“He colaborado en diversas ocasiones con Barter. Me encanta su profesionalidad, son prácticos, fáciles, tienen clarísimo lo que quieren para sus clientes y lo mejor de todo es que trabajan con alegría! Es un lujo trabajar con personas que cuidan y quieren tanto a sus clientes, cuando hago un proyecto para un cliente suyo tengo la sensación de que estoy trabajando para la Reina de Inglaterra, lo quieren todo perfecto. Son muy exigentes pero muy buenas personas, mucho, que al final es lo más importante.”

Victor Küppers

“¿Y para ti, qué es el networking? A mi, siempre me ha parecido buena idea responder que es el proceso de “generar nuevas relaciones profesionales”. No obstante, inspirada por  Barter desde hoy añadiré: “que sean positivas.”

Silvia Leal

“Con Barter me siento como en casa allí donde vaya, siempre me encuentro a mi familia extendida con la que compartimos y minimizamos las dificultades técnicas de cualquier escenario tengamos 200 o 8.000 espectadores en cualquier punto de la tierra. No me viene a la mente ninguna otra organización de la que pueda decir esto. Estoy encantado de trabajar junto a ellos para maximizar el impacto de mis conferencias y aumentar la satisfacción de mis clientes finales y el asombro de los espectadores.”

Andreu Veà

“I travel around the world and I attend about 25 events each year. I can say with 100% confidence that Barter Positive Networking is a world class leader at organizing and running high profile events. The team is meticulous about the details and they treat attendees and speakers with genuine hospitality. Each year they continue to raise the bar for the events they run! They definitely have their finger on the pulse of the consumer and always deliver excellence in each B2B event!”

Donald Burns

“Participating in a wonderful event is always great. The entire organization works hard to make the experience warm, friendly and inviting.”

Michael Krigsman

“I had the amazing opportunity to work with the team at Barter this year, they invited me to be a member of Team USA. I was so impressed with the level of creativity, organization, care and overall enthusiasm they contributed to developing an impressive program. I became quite aware this is one of the many programs the team at Barter organizes and they deserve all the respect and praise they get – they are so good at it all. As a speaker, I felt honored to work with Barter team and hope to do it again many times in the future.”

Andrew Freeman

“Few companies match the hard work and dedication that Barter provide. From their world-class events delivered by their compassionate team, the group excels at providing high quality experiences for all. I would never hesitate to recommend Barter for any important events.Barter is an exemplary group of committed event organisers and innovative event specialists. As an MC, I can speak to their commitment and dedication into making every persons journey and experience memorable and lasting. I am deeply grateful to their team for their attention to detail, their compassion care and professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend them and look forward to working with them again.”

Chris MM Gordon


that combine talent and experience.

Passionate about understanding and preserving the essence of professional meetings, discovering new ways of managing events and leading innovation in the sector.

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