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BARTER is a consultancy for the design, management, and production of professional events.

Our singularity lies in being consultants and project managers at the same time, with the aim to preserve our clients' original ideas and goals. This gives us a global vision that allows us to know and manage what our clients, visitors, speakers and VIP guests value the most in the success of an event.

Our experience in strategy design, creation and innovation in B2B events has enabled us to create our own management system, introducing and leading the concept of POSITIVE NETWORKING.

Technologies have transformed the way people interact day by day, and they have also created the need of a larger number of professional encounters, conferences and specialized events that can provide an opportunity to connect in person with other professionals, learn about the latest trends, and find business deals.

Analize the feasibility and possibilities of your projects

We help you improve on organizational aspects in order to define solutions and come up with new proposals that will add value to your events

We contribute with contents and activities that will be valued by your customers