Commercial formulas for 2021. Impact your customers and distributors in the first half of the year. • Barter

Commercial formulas for 2021. Impact your customers and distributors in the first half of the year.

With the new year we have new business goals, but “old” restrictions. How to make an impact on your customers and distributors in the first half of the year?

The arrival of 2021 brings with it new hopes, the vaccine and new goals to achieve, but for the moment, everything remains the same as in 2020 … we still cannot physically meet with customers and distributors, we cannot attend professional events to present our products and our sales team needs “fixed” zooms. What can we do?

Keep innovating, thinking and looking for alternatives to our old ways. Then you must find other ways to reach your audience.

Product launching, demonstrations, seminars, commercial presentations, videos or workshops can be done online, in a creative, direct, efficient, effective and economic way. Here are some ideas:

  • Networking videoconferences: Use of high-definition video and, with the possibility of sharing all types of files and interacting live with attendees through voice, audio or chats. Meet with your customers and distributors to close deals.
  • Webinars for Product presentations: Online activities where the computer desktop is used as an interactive screen. Share videos, presentations and virtual desktops. 3D Holograms, RA: Get that WOW effect.

Share and explain your latest news to your customers!

  • TV and online streaming: Possibility of streaming video during the live event or on a set. Open to everyone or for an exclusive group of guests. Multipoint live connections. Demonstrate how a product or service works while promoting direct contact between professionals and the public.
  • Complete online events: conferences, keynotes, meetings, award ceremonies, networking activities, or almost any activity we used to celebrate in person, can be taken online. We just need daring clients!

But please, do it right. Take your time to plan, write the 3 ideas or key messages, create a good storytelling, dress it well, select a good online tool, have a good set or decoration (virtual backgrounds are not cool, and neither is your home library), take care of your image, vocabulary, audiovisual elements, interaction with your audience, etc.

At Barter we have also had to adapt and rethink our strategy, our services and the way we interact. Like for most of us, online is the new black, so we have even set up a recording set in our offices!

We have been fortunate to be able to work on many online projects, especially in 2020, and we have learned (apart from specializing in Zoom, Teams, Meet or Webex) to work with tools such as Wachity, Swapcard, Meetmaps and everything has happened to us, for example, that a speaker was struck by lightning at home in the middle of his talk … he is fine, but obviously his connection went down … and this is where the experience of the master of ceremonies, of the technical team and the technical office team made the difference and saved the event.

Anyway, incidents aside, 2021 brings us minds open to change and innovation. To explore new ways of communicating and relating, and to value people more.

Contact us if you need help to dynamize your commercial activity, with your presentations, events or conferences and even with your clients.

Here are examples of events that we have held in 2020: Smart City Live Congress, Liber Digital, Biz Barcelona i Ocupació , Barcelona Fàcil, Presentación de la “Carta de Derechos Digitales, Premios Emprendedor XXI, Barcelona Techspirit, Tourism Innovation Summit, IQS Tech Factory Talk Series, OnAir Flight Night, Foro Piscina and IQS Tech Fest 2021.