Dear customer: Yes, I do, but not like this. I’m sorry, but someone had to say it... • Barter

Dear customer: Yes, I do, but not like this. I’m sorry, but someone had to say it…

After a year doing online event to the fullest, I assure you, dear customer, that they’re not as easy, nor as fast, nor as cheap as you think, … so, we accept your project (we love to accept projects !!) but not like this… Barter Positive Events – online events: a quick summary of what it should be;)

We have collected some tips, with all our love and affection;)


Although what we want is to get started and start working, this initial phase of planning and scheduling everything we are going to need, when, how and who is going to execute it, is VITAL.

Virtual events seem to be easy, but now I dare say that they are more complicated than face-to-face events. They require more control and a better script. As we know, we are in a new environment, both from the point of view of those who organize events and from the audience, we are still adapting!

So rushing is not good. Plan well the before, during and after.

And please, online events are not something quick, there is a lot of work behind it. So, let’s define realistic celebration dates that will allow us to work on the event as it deserves.


Just as content is important in a live event, it is even more important in an online event. We all know that our audience will leave the audio on in the background while continuing to work, and we will lose their attention, so we’re going to have to make sure we are not losing them by:

  • Creating very powerful content
  • Selecting interesting speakers that can communicate very well
  • Giving creativity to visuals and formats
  • Designing events with short, clear and concise sessions
  • Adding dynamism and interaction with the audience. Make them participate!


What does your audience want? Do your research and adapt the content and format to their needs. Engage them, design two-way communication activities. 

As always, these “experiential” moments will get them talking about your event.

Dare to make a difference!




If we have well defined all of the above, now we can search and select which technologies are best suited to our needs.

At this point we all know all the things that can happen in an online event. We have all witnessed it in many events and there are even memes rolling through the networks, but apart from external failures that are not in our hands, let’s ensure what we can control!

Select the best partners, get advice to avoid technical errors as much as possible. Choose the best hardware, software and human team possible.


As in a face-to-face meeting, the previous days are decisive. And if we don’t have a good structured and prepared team, we’re going to mess it up!

All the parties and partners of the project are a “big” team, each one with its role: communication, production, technicians, speakers, etc.

Since we will have already made everything clear and well defined during our initial planning phase, now we have to stop and review everything point by point, so that the live event goes well.

Do all the technical checks and tests. Prepare a good rundown, with as much detail as possible. Train your speakers, moderators, rehearse with the presenter. Rehearse the dynamics and networking activities. Test the tools and connections. Coordinate well with the technical team, do not leave anything to chance. Define the responsibilities of all team members. And now…

Go ahead and enjoy your event!!!

Oh, and don’t forget, that after the event you will also have actions and tasks to perform in order to make the most of all the content that you will have generated, this is what is most valuable of your organization.

I’m Anna Verdú, COO of Barter Partnership, let’s talk!