We start the year expecting a “new normal”, one that is similar to the one before 2020, but let’s forget it as soon as possible, normality will not come back, neither new nor old.

Environments are so changeable and unpredictable that, if you do the same as always, you will no longer get the same as always, but now it will be much less. Both audience acquisition and engagement have become real challenges.

In 2021, events have generally been, wrongly called, hybrids. There has been a widespread belief that offering the two options of face-to-face and digital participation solved the current and pre-pandemic problems.

They have tried to reproduce the patterns that apply to face-to-face events in digital, and we have learned that this is not engough for digital events to add value to customers, it needs to be something else.

It can be an alternative to those who are hesitant to attend in person, but these are the fewest, who we should really address from the digital format are those customers who will never attend in person. The digital event should be oriented to the NO-WAYS. They do not expect a replica of the on-site experience, they expect a digital experience of which they value the content at a reasonable price.

It is to them that we must direct our digital components to involve them and make them participants of the event and thus incorporate a target audience that would never have participated in the face-to-face event.

But we must not only provide value to the attendees of the digital event, but we must also offer advantages to exhibitors, sponsors or organizers of the on-site event.
Exhibitors attending trade fairs, will always prioritize the on-site customer over the virtual one.

Mixed formulas can be sought to make virtual a win-win for all parties. At Barter we have experience and ideas. Shall we talk?