Hybrid and boutique events, the "new normal" of the sector • Barter

Hybrid and boutique events, the “new normal” of the sector

As an expert in the design, consultancy, organization and execution of events, I bet that before the end of the year, along with the online events and conferences that we are already seeing these days, the sector will opt for the format of hybrid and boutique events.

The new situation has forced us to rethink both the format of the events that we have been doing so far and the revenue model, the capacity, the dynamics, the spaces, how to network, how to achieve an impact communication and how to really connect with the attendees of the event.

We already have a transition plan towards a New Normal on the table. The most optimistic scenario places this normality in June. But I am afraid that until there is a vaccine, this new normal does not include holding conferences and events as we know them to date.

Regardless of the Normality, new or old, the content, the people and how they relate to each other, continue and will continue to be the most important thing in online and offline events. Therefore, I think that in the autumn we will move towards a new event model that combines the best of both worlds: the ability to reach a larger audience, immediately, with quality content without neglecting that human contact, where we network and generate business opportunities.

In terms of “Boutique” events, we are going to focus on the quality of the participants and not so much on the number of participants, on events with tailor-made content, with purpose and commitment.

At Barter, we continue to do what we do best: organize quality events, regardless of the communication tool or channel used and adapted to the new situation, with new ideas and online solutions.

Barter continues to offer its services of consulting, the Technical Office for Congresses, the organization of networking activities, the management of “calls for”, workshops & talks, both offline and online, under the Barter ON / OFF umbrella.

Barter ON / OFF includes consulting, planning, content management, activities and virtual spaces, selection and management of technological tools; calls, management and monitoring of speakers or attendees in events, as well as the testing of the technology and its execution.